Bertino Home Appliances


An Introduction to Our Company

Bertino is a home appliances brand  that is mostly known for it’s refrigerators, washing machines,  dishwasher,  gas   cooker and other small home appliances especially Oven Toasteer

Bertino Parts

The main parts that bertino home appliances are made of,  are imported from Turkey , Italy and South Korea

Our most major is to make best quality home appliances that is suitable for Iranian users and other countries. As we all know, in home appliances industry, quality of parts makes the brand. As we are going to make a luxury brand for medium-level customers, we used best parts from south Korea and turkey in our appliances. If we use Iranian parts , we are very strict in quality and order best quality products 

Tino Service in Bertino brand is responsible for guarantee of products and is extended from 12 months to 60 months. after every service we deliver, we execute Happy Call action by After sales service section. According to  statistics, there is 97% of satisfaction to our service quality


Bertino has a online store named that sells its products in that shop. In this store, there are all .range of home appliances and variety of brands

Bertino has begun to be known to Iran when unveiled it’s website. by the way,  we participate in all international exhibitions to introduce it’s brand and increase sales. According to our feedback, there is 95% satisfaction to our brand

We are planning to extend it’s brand to other home appliances such as vacuum cleaner , oven toaster and LED TVs. In production of other categories, our first goal is to have the best quality and long guarantee so by this action, we maintain brand quality in customer’s mind.  Although there is some problems in supplying parts from other countries, but we are committed to maintain the best quality by using best parts in our appliances.

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Address: No. 1/15 , No. 6 alley , Hatef Street, Isfahan, Iran

Phone: +983132233596